Logerr – Experimental JavaScript Error Handling Lib

Built this project to play with window.onerror, trying to get most out of it. Simple library which will prettify your error messages in console. Not only this, you can remotely log bugs/exceptions raised on pages via remoteLogging feature of logerr lib.

Don’t forget to open devtools while checking out the demo.

OpCache GUI (UI / UX)

This is not my personal project but one of the project’s I’ve contributed to, on Github. Project was started by @PeeHaa, one of my very good friend on StackOverflow.

The project itself was pretty interesting and useful but UI was lacking way beyond what you expect from a quality Github project. I don’t call myself a designer but I tried to make the app better and usable. You can checkout how I redesigned the UI from scratch with my limited designing skills.

JavaScript KeyCodes

Recently I developed this simple, one page JavaScript app, which helps users get JavaScript key codes on key press. Not only that, they can also copy/paste reusable code snippets as well.

Am actively maintaining this project on Github. There’s a lot I want to add to this project like having a list of key codes, show friendly key press on the screen and so on. Checkout my Github repo for more details.

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